Teaching with Russ Hudson…

Teaching Together with Russ Hudson | Phoenix, AZ | November 2013


The Arizona Enneagram Association (AEA) invited Russ Hudson and me to teach a full weekend class in Phoenix, which we did on November 9-10. Their loving effort, support, and care made all this possible. Thanks so much to everyone involved.

Russ and I have taught together before, but not for an entire weekend. Our topic was “Love, Spirit, and Relationships.” We wanted to answer the question, “How can the Enneagram understandings be the path to real love, to healthy relationships, and hence, to a fulfilling life?

For each type we explored peak experiences, which are high points in life experience (Webster’s dictionary) characterized by full presence in the moment, an imprint in memory across all senses, a sense of profound wonder and awe, often a sense of the oneness of all, and an integration of our essential qualities.

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