06/06/2017 | Remembering David | What Really Matters | DAVID N. DANIELS’ UPCOMING MEMORIAL SERVICE
<< Honoring our Beloved Friend, Colleague, and Teacher  >>
Friday June 30, 2017 | 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. | St. Raymond Catholic Church | 1100 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025
ALL ARE WELCOME | DONATIONS:  www.openspace.org/daniels
Donations in David’s memory may be made to Mid-Peninsula Open Space Trust

05/20/2017 | Weekly Thoughts from David | What Really Matters, David’s Views from Years of Life
<< Practicing our Development – Process AND Content  >>
Spring is the ideal time to expand our awareness, welcome new ideas, meanings, and understandings. This month I introduce my thoughts “on process,” which is, our need to ensure we include practices in our daily lives that support our cognitive learning. Practices in addition to studying great theories and reading good content. Here’s one of the simplest yet most powerful practices I know:  Let’s allow ourselves to pause, breath deeply in and down, which gets us centered and grounded. Then, with the exploratory instinct, meaning, our curiosity, take an interest in ourselves when we get upset, reactive. Inquire of ourselves, “What’s driving this reaction, and reflect on what we know about our particular personality pattern, our habit of mind. Determine next what’s at the very core of the perceived threat, the emotional stress I am experiencing. Have compassion for what surfaces. Then and finally, as we relax the suffering within, “choose” a response that’s most suitable, most present, and most constructive for the situation at hand.

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There is nothing more important than self-awareness and self-understanding to bringing peace and compassion to our relationships, and to our world.

My passion is this endeavor. I’ve determined that bringing the Enneagram system of nine personality styles, literally patterns, into our awareness and to the understanding of self and other is the key to this very personal, societal, and humanitarian dream.

Based on the premise that our brains are literally pattern machines,  we can easily see that we have patterns for everything from doorknobs to worldviews. Our personality pattern stands out as one of the most fundamental of such patterns.

When we are owned by our patterns, we are hostages — for better and for worse. When we liberate ourselves from the confines, literally the prison of our personality pattern, our lives and relationships can truly flourish anew. We can give others the gift of our presence, attention, and understanding.

By learning about ourselves more deeply, we can give others the gift of our presence and full attention. Love literally is openhearted presence combined with care for self and other. Together with the guiding principles of the 5As – Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Action, and Adherence – the Enneagram system of nine styles — nine patterns — is the key to this work of liberation.

This is the purpose of this site.

This is the purpose of my life.

May we open our hearts — to ourselves and to others — and take delight in this work, in this endeavor, and my hope for a more loving, peaceful, compassionate existence for all.