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What really matters to each of us? What makes a difference? David suggested it might be generosity of spirit, bounty of love, tenderness of touch, or, he asked, is it our closest relationships? A great job? A warm home? What about a bigger picture? Like, the emotional as well as physical safety and security of others? What about the preservation of our planet’s resources? Or, our continued ability to live and thrive on this divine planet? What do you suggest? What moves us and tells us what really matters? Take a few minutes each day to think about this; and let’s do our best, he advised, to recognize and then live in a way that is consistent with what really counts and what really matters to our lives.

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“There is nothing more important than self-awareness and self-understanding to bringing peace and compassion to our relationships, and to our world.

My passion is this endeavor. I’ve determined that bringing the Enneagram system of nine personality styles, literally patterns, into our awareness and to the understanding of self and other is the key to this very personal, societal, and humanitarian dream.

Based on the premise that our brains are literally pattern machines,  we can easily see that we have patterns for everything from doorknobs to worldviews. Our personality pattern stands out as one of the most fundamental of such patterns.

When we are owned by our patterns, we are hostages — for better and for worse. When we liberate ourselves from the confines, literally the prison of our personality pattern, our lives and relationships can truly flourish anew. We can give others the gift of our presence, attention, and understanding.

By learning about ourselves more deeply, we can give others the gift of our presence and full attention. Love literally is openhearted presence combined with care for self and other. Together with the guiding principles of the 5As – Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Action, and Adherence – the Enneagram system of nine styles — nine patterns — is the key to this work of liberation.

This is the purpose of this site.

This is the purpose of my life.

May we open our hearts — to ourselves and to others — and take delight in this work, in this endeavor, and my hope for a more loving, peaceful, compassionate existence for all.”

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