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I developed these reflections as relatively simple practices to remind us to stay in contact with the issues of our type. These are practices that call in to awareness our habitual patterns of seeing the world and responding to it. We have other choices as to how we show up, feel, and behave, but it requires attention. Transformation and growth requires that we integrate psychological, somatic, and spiritual development in to our daily lives.

Why a Weekly Practice?
I decided to create these reflections on a weekly basis rather than on a daily basis, and I gave this some thought. I wanted to give us time to reflect on a concept for a few consecutive days and really work with it. We need time to wrestle with personal inquiry, to watch ourselves in action, to then reflect on it, and the next day, try a new reaction on for size the next chance we get. Each of these practices is designed to help us challenge what's at the core of our type's fundamental structure, so that we can first see it operating, and then expand beyond it.

Why by the Seasons?
Well, that's a good question. Not only by season, but by hemisphere. Our environment really does impact us. While we've strayed from utter reliance on the weather and agricultural patterns in most cosmopolitan environments, we are still, as organic beings, intensely sensitive to the changes in temperature, rhythms, and earth's cycles. These cycles affect our moods and temperaments, our feelings and our sensitivities.

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