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David Daniels has written numerous articles on various subjects, many of which are available on this website.

"The Narrative Tradition"

Psychotherapy Networker Magazine Publishes and Acclaims David Daniel's Enneagram Casework on Mediator Type (9) Personality
David N. Daniels was published in a previous issue of the Psychotherapy Networker Magazine.

The article is a case study of his work featuring a Type 9 client named Marie.

Articles like this one, published in a mainstream publication, support David and his colleagues’ mission of “Bringing the Enneagram to the world.” Read the Article as it appears in the Networker, online.

Long-time student and practitioner of the Enneagram, Dr. Ronda Diegel from Detroit, Michigan read the article and sent David this note of appreciation:

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Psychotherapy Networker. I was flipping through the magazine, half-reading/half-skimming, absolutely delighted when I turned the page to see not only an Enneagram focused case study, but one written by you! I loved the case itself (of course, I’m a little 9-biased), your very clear description of the Enneagram’s clinical utility, and your response to Steve Andreas. The article helped bring a very concise frame to the work I do with my psychotherapy clients. Thank you!!

Be sure to read the Case Commentary that follows the main article along with David’s response.