Growth Enneagram Type 8

Growth for Type 8: The Protector

Basic Essential Practice: From a grounded, receptive, openhearted, and non-judgmental stance, notice your big energy and the urge to act on injustices and impulse all fueled by your driving exuberant energy of the life force. This stems from your core belief that to be loved, valued, and secure you must be strong and resolute in a world where the powerful will take advantage of you and others. Notice the rising big energy and come back to your breath and resist immediate action. Can you then both notice and realize that this urge to act – based only on your versions of the truth and what constitutes protection from vulnerability – actually costs you your receptivity and softer emotions? Keep collecting and containing this active exuberant energy in your body’s gravitational center in your belly as though it is a warm and receptive holding tank. Allow yourself to soften, realizing that the vulnerability of being impacted and affected represents strength, not weakness. Then let yourself act with the force or energy befitting the situation. Remind yourself to notice your impact on others and to really hear their truths. And remind yourself to notice how others respond when you allow yourself to moderate your impact, allow yourself to get receptive, and allow in your softer side.


David Daniels Free Enneagram Audio Guided Meditation Practice for Protector Type Eight (8) Personality Reflection, Peace, Growth



Additional Key Themes for Reflection: Simply stop for a minute or so 3-4 times a day to center and reflect on one of the following:

Observing impulsivity or impulse to action. Simply stop and notice your urge to act and where this urge resides in your body. Pause and give yourself the gift of time and receptivity. Then take action befitting the situation.

Impact on others. Simply stop, breathe back down, and witness your impact on others, knowing your tendency to be over impactful. Then moderate your exuberant energy as best you can to fit the situation.

Distinguishing vulnerability from weakness. Simply stop and remind yourself that allowing in the vulnerability, the tender softness that accompanies genuine receptive force is a great strength to complement your exuberant active energy.

Short Reflections for Reclaiming the Essential Quality

With openhearted kindness toward yourself simply practice several times a day for a minute or so saying and living one of the following each for a few days at a time. Do these all with the receptive energy encompassed in the “may I.” Recall that the higher quality or virtue for type Eight is innocence, meaning the purity of coming freshly without any power agenda to each situation.

  • May I practice beginner’s mind, the innocence of coming freshly to each situation.
  • May I be content with what is, in the present moment.
  • May I experience the power and true mastery in non-action and no blame.
  • May I embody gentleness and compassion.
  • May I be receptive to the truth in all beings.