Enneagram Type 6 Description

Type 6 ~ The Loyal Skeptic

The Basic Proposition of Type 6

The original state of faith in self, others, and the universe goes into the background in a world that you perceive is threatening, hazardous, unpredictable and untrustworthy. You come to believe that you can assure life and certainty through avoiding (the phobic stance) or facing danger (the counter-phobic stance) through vigilance, an active imagination, questioning, and either escaping or battling the perceived hazards. Concurrently, you develop fear, which may be hidden or unrecognized, that shows up as doubt and questioning, concerning what might threaten your safety and security. Your attention naturally goes to what could go wrong, potential hazards, worst cases and how to deal with them. Projection glues the structure together by helping you attribute inner concerns and fears to others and external situations, in order to avoid or challenge. Your ultimate concern or fear is ending up helpless and defenseless or unable to rely on yourself to cope with life. As compensation, you sometimes control and dominate by testing and doubting others, blaming, challenging authority, going to negatives, magnifying situations, and being secretive.

What stresses you and makes you most personally reactive: Untrustworthiness and betrayal; feeling cornered and pressured; endlessly trying to make your existence certain and secure; trying to prove yourself; and authorities that you can’t count on.

These reactions block your ability to trust that love will endure and flourish, and ultimately, blocks your faith in yourself, others, and the universe.

Your Strengths: Being thoughtful, warm, protective, devoted to others, trusting (as faith develops), intuitive, sensitive, loyal, fair, witty and full of ideas.

The Central Theme for Your Healing and Development: With no other type is the task for healing and development more obvious, more straightforward, than it is for you. As the child who experienced the world as hazardous and unpredictable and fell naturally into fear, doubt, and questioning you need to regain faith and trust in self, in others, and in the world. Faith can be a big stretch for you since faith is that which is not based on proof and occurs before proof. This means staying with situations requiring courage and going into them. It means noticing and resisting the impulse to move away from fear (the phobic’s habit), or challenge fear (the counter-phobic’s habit). Either way the path of development goes right through fear and doubt. You need to realize that you already are super copers; hence you don’t have to keep proving yourself.


Strategies for Your Self-Development and Fulfillment Relationships
  • Reclaim your faith in self, others and the universe
  • Be aware of magnification, and work at distinguishing true impressions from projections
  • Relinquish the quest for certainty and control as a substitute for faith
  • Welcome fear and move ahead
  • Balance the negative spin you tend to put on situations with positives
  • Become your own authority and watch for cues of giving your power to others


How Others Can Assist Your Relationship Development
  • Encourage your Loyal Skeptics to notice positives, develop trust, appreciate their own strengths, and take positive action
  • Provide them with positive alternative meanings
  • Be consistent and trustworthy
  • Disclose your own personal feelings and thoughts


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