Enneagram Type 2 Description

Type 2 ~ The Giver

The Basic Proposition of Type 2

The original, state of freedom in which needs are met according to a universal will goes into the background in a world that You perceive is based on “to get you must give.” You come to believe that you can gain love and approval, and fulfill your personal needs, through your own giving to others. Concurrently, you develop a sense of being indispensable and a prideful energy of knowing what others need best. Your attention naturally goes to others’ needs and desires. Repression glues the structure together by helping you blank out your own needs and desires. Your ultimate concern or fear is being utterly useless to others, or dispensable. As compensation you sometimes attempt to control and dominate by becoming prideful, needed (indispensable), dramatic, intrusive and even rejecting. Twos also sometimes tend to provoke guilt and create dependence from others.

What stresses you and makes you most personally reactive: Being unable to give and hence being subject to rejection; being needy yourself and having unmet needs; feeling unappreciated or uncared for; and people not caring for and supporting others.

These reactions block your ability to give and receive freely with grace and love, and ultimately your experience of humility that comes with this freedom.

Your Strengths: Being giving, helpful, generous, romantic, sensitive to others’ feelings, appreciative, supportive, energetic, exuberant and willing.

The Central Theme for Your Healing and Development: For Givers this involves reclaiming their freedom from the tyranny of a need-governed (driven) world, a world that will only approve of you, hence love you, if you fulfill its needs. This makes developing a separate self, and thus a sense of freedom, a difficult proposition. Since the needs and desires of others are endless, You never gain a sense of your own freedom fulfilling others’ needs. To gain freedom you must learn to give what is needed and no more, pay attention to your own needs, and receive from others. You must come to realize that ultimately, needs are met by a greater or universal will and that self-worth does not depend upon being the agent of others’ fulfillment. Then your giving can be done with the pure joy of giving for its own sake, freely and lovingly.


Strategies for Your Self-Development and Fulfillment Relationships
  • Developing and maintaining your separate, integrated self
  • Releasing from the pride of indispensability
  • Freely giving and receiving without pride and expectations
  • Noticing signs of repressing your own needs, especially using rising emotions as indicators
  • Balancing your active force which goes out to others’ needs with the receptive force which allows own needs to be met
  • Spending time alone to develop independent interests and the separate distinct self


How Others Can Assist Your Relationship Development
  • Help your Twos develop, integrate and own their true separate self and overcome the addiction to meeting the needs of others as a way to be taken care of and loved.
  • Encourage them to appreciate themselves separate from giving and to claim their own voice
  • Avoid becoming the wonderment and being seduced by the their over giving
  • Stay constant and provide steadiness, paying attention to their often unmet real needs


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