Integrating Our Enneagram
Essence True Nature in Our Lives

Integrating the Higher Qualities of our Essence into our Lives

SYNOPSIS: This blog reviews what the higher essential qualities of the nine Enneagram types mean to me. For each type, I clarify the meaning of the words used in the Enneagram teachings, define how I experience these qualities, and give clear and short examples. I state the meaning of essence as “those qualities of being that underlie all external manifestations and are always present in one way or another,” such as hope, faith, and love. Then I describe a process for integrating these essence qualities into our lives, integration being the interweaving of these differentiated parts into ourselves, into our experience of ourselves. Often, this involves access to our own peak experiences as a resource, as a peak experience is one that included a direct experience of our essential higher spiritual qualities. In Enneagram terms, these are our inherent virtues. Integrating our inherent virtues into our everyday modus operandi over time results in transformation, a sustainable growth that can be experienced in our soma, our hearts, and our minds.

Descriptions of the Types’ Virtues and Essential Spiritual Qualities

David Daniels on Integrating Each Enneagram Personality Type's Unique Spiritual Qualities & Virtues to Discover Your True SelfThe essential qualities, meaning our embodied inherent virtues, and our Holy ideas — which are mental qualities — exist at the core of our being, at the hub of existence and at the core of our collective unity.

We all have had “oneness-of-all” experiences at some point. For example, when we either listen to or play music, find ourselves in a wondrous scene in nature, ski effortlessly down a a mountain of white powder, get swept away in blissful sexual union, when full of intention and deep in prayer, during meditation or a deep reflection, when experiencing delicate and beautiful acts of kindness, when imbued with warm, unconditional love, we are at “one” with all that there is. Moments of oneness may also occur in times of great challenge and when there seems to be little choice.

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What Is Integration?

What is Integration?

What’s Its Role in Personal Transformation?

Well, to start with… “integration” is, in my opinion, a kind of transformer of human life. Integration can simply be defined as the interweaving of differentiated parts. Applying that to us, for example, it could be the interweaving of our higher, essential (spiritual) qualities, our awareness of our somatic experience, and the psychological aspects of our existence.

It’s important to consider this. Bringing together key, vital elements of our lives, of our being, is part of our path to becoming a more whole, “integrated” individual. Interweaving the higher qualities of our essence, into our personality, for example, is one particularly valuable integration process to pursue. In addition, the integration process addresses all the functional triads of Enneagram training: our three energies, our three centers of intelligence, our three biological imperatives (subtypes), our three forms of emotional regulation/conflict resolution, and our lives with those in our lives.

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