The Pause in a Fast Paced Day

David Daniels on Expanding Influence & Presence of Internet, Social Media in our Lives; Enneagram Solves Technology Overload

The Pace of Modern Life

We live in a world of audio and video sound bytes, racing from one stimulus to the next. We switch quickly between radio, movies, YouTube and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or television programs that range from comedy to drama and tragedy to incredible amounts of violence and catastrophe. News coverage focuses on one tragedy after another, frequently over and over again without pause.

David Daniels on Social Media Removes Us From Present & Deep Personal Connections; How Enneagram can Help When we find ourselves outside, we stroll through nature, we walk the streets or go to great places like museums and bookstores with our eyes instead glued to our cell phones.

What are we so concerned we’re going to miss?

“The Night Watch” by
Rembrandt van Rijn, maybe?

We multi-task wherever we are. We get utterly absorbed in computer games or mobile apps. We have become a species that speeds down the highways and roadways of life not actually present to what surrounds us. We scan over tons of data everyday on our computer screens. We send texts and various forms of communiqué incessantly.

David Daniels on Modern Life’s Fast Pace & Our Inability to Slow Down to Connect with Others; Enneagram offers Solution

What is happening to us?

Our bodies respond to this pace by holding a simmering tension, one that builds in each step, with each movement, with each “next thing” that needs our immediate attention. Oftentimes, our muscles are tight and often strained, especially those muscles around the hands, neck, and shoulders.


The Cost of Today’s Many Distractions

David Daniels on Shallow Connections as a Consequence of Social Media & Deeper, Present Relationships the Enneagram FostersIt’s my observation that we are not aware of what we are no longer tuned in to, of what we are disconnected from, as a result of this nonstop, highly stimulating pace. “Social Media” is, yes, a new kind of connecting with others, but it’s also a form of interacting that leads to a less intimate way of connecting to others. It is fast replacing the more fundamental benefit of hearing someone, seeing someone, and registering that person live and in their energy, in front of you. And at the same time, we lose the opportunity to notice ourselves, our own pace and our own reactions, in the presence of another.

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