First Enneagram
Global Summit

The First Enneagram Global Summit 

The Shift Network's and David Daniel's First Enneagram Global Summit was an Important milestone for Spreading the Teachings of the Enneagram

What it Means and How it Matters

The Enneagram Global Summit, sponsored by the Shift Network, has just come to a close here on June 5, 2014. This event has attracted over 10,000 participants worldwide. I was honored to have been asked to open the Summit with the keynote session, giving an overview of the series and, hopefully, I compassionately presented the power and importance of the Enneagram system, the nine fundamental types, and their paths of development. There were numerous other Enneagram teachers and authors who presented during the Summit, including our very own Enneagram Narrative Tradition faculty Marion Gilbert, Peter O’Hanrahan, Helen Palmer, and Terry Saracino.

You can also purchase the entire Summit, all that information is available too, simply contact The Shift Network. 

The Shift Network's First Enneagram Global Summit Speakers Including David Daniels Teach about the Importance of Self Understanding through the Nine Personality TypesThe Importance of the Enneagram Global Summit

This Summit brought some very important moments. First, it engendered a real spirit of cooperation amongst the differing Enneagram schools and brought us all together, and, secondly, it was an incredible opportunity to share the Enneagram with a worldwide, and quite extensive, audience. Also of importance was the tribute to Author Don Riso, as well as the immense contribution made to each session by Summit moderator Jessica Dibbs of The Inspiration Conscientious School. Jessica was instrumental in reframing concepts and asking clarifying questions that many who may not have ever heard of the Enneagram might have wanted to ask.

This Global Summit represents a big step for the Enneagram community. I’ve known of its powerful wisdom and multitude of both professional and personal applications for years, but there are so many spiritual and psychological practitioners out there who have not encountered it yet, those who would find it immensely useful given the chance to study it. I hope the Global Summit reached the many who would have otherwise continued to pass over it unknowingly.

This Summit has also been an instrumental exercise in bringing the divergent points of view together in our community and could result in increasing our ability to “walk the talk” of compassionate understanding, collaboration, and mindfulness.

I would love to hear from you, my blog readers, friends and colleagues.

So what are your thoughts and feelings about the Summit? 

What would you emphasize? How do you see its impact on the future of the Enneagram?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts.

2 Responses to “First Enneagram
Global Summit”

  1. David Daniels says:

    Thank you for this input about our Shift Network program and the Enneagram Global Summit. I look forward to being with you in Asheville at the EPTP Intensive in October. Again thank you. Warm regards, David

  2. This Summit was excellent! It is the reason why I chose to attend the six day workshop in Ashville, NC – Oct. 24-30, 2014