In loving memory, forever.

God Bless David Daniels and his passage; may he find himself in a state of beautiful, loving kindness, omniscience and peace, all of which are a mere reflection of what he worked so hard to bring to this world and to so many.

Donations in David’s memory may be made to Mid-Peninsula Open Space Trust, a space created in loving honor of David’s son, David C. Daniels.

On behalf of the Daniels Family, we want to express our deepest thanks to all of David’s friends and family in the Enneagram Community. It would mean the world to him to hear the kind words of support, affirming both his personal and global contributions. He gave a lot of love to the Enneagram and everyone associated with it, but he also received and rejoiced in the love and care that often came his way. You have all been a blessing.

One favorite quotes of our father’s shared with us came from an ancient Buddhist source (with slight modifications):

Awareness without action
is not awareness at all.”

David was really big on active practice, daily practice. His most recent blog post on his website still speaks to this topic. We know that he would want us all to keep up our own healthy practice and to share our love for the Enneagram with others. He truly believed in the Enneagram as a change-agent for each of us, and for the world. We feel honored by the outpouring of sympathy and love. And, in David’s honor, we trust he would want us to keep sharing our compassion for differences, excitement for change, and Enneagram wisdom with others.”

May peace be with you all.

With Love, J.D. and Denise (David’s children), and Karen Daniels (David’s Daughter-in-Law)

On behalf of David Daniels and his devotion to what he believed in so fervently — loving kindness, being fully present to self and other and the practice of compassion, we welcome you to continue to visit his website, to continue to learn from his insightful teachings and hopes for humanity through self-development and self-awareness practice, and through studying the Enneagram system and having the willingness to study one’s self, lovingly and acceptingly.

David just completed, a day before his passing, a new blog on “Temperament and the Enneagram,” which we will share with you in the next many weeks; he has also been working on a book on the Enneagram as a profound tool to enhance human relationships and emotional intimacy, a labor of love he’s been dedicated to for the past few years and a project he just completed drafting about ten days before his passing. We will be making that available in the coming months. We will continue to share his Weekly Reflections for all of those currently subscribed and for those who will sign up in the future, as he would have loved knowing they would continue on beyond him, supporting our ongoing growth and development.

As someone having been honored with the great privilege of designing this website for and with and alongside David Daniels, I am committed to continuing his voice and work in the world.

To my dearest friend, most profound teacher, mentor, and life-changing guide, I am in no way ready to let you go. But, I know that your beautiful soul will travel with each of us and with the collective, as you’ve left us with profound gifts and teachings, that which are filled with your hopes for a better, more loving and more compassionate world.

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Suzanne Dion


“It is my personal mission to share my many years of experience and learning in order to bring peace and compassion to the world.”

— David Daniels, M.D.

Our brains are pattern machines. We have patterns for everything from relationships to worldviews. Our personality pattern stands out as one of our most fundamental patterns. When we are owned by our pattern we are hostages for better and worse. When we liberate ourselves from the confines, literally the prison, of our personality pattern, our lives and relationships can truly flourish anew.

The purpose of this site is to bring you fundamental, life-changing, and enlightening information based on the Enneagram system of personality patterns, which I believe is one of the most powerful tools available for self-awareness and mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  This incredible system  is congruent with and even validated by our own fundamental neurobiology. Much of the material offered here is based on my now-almost 50 years of experience as a therapist and behavioral scientist and my nearly 30 years of practical experience using the Enneagram.

I’m presenting this material for, to me,  it is a reflection of my many years of passion and work in the fields of human behavior, psychology, relationships, psychotherapy, personal development, organizational development, neurobiology, and psychiatry. (Read full biography) My hope, my dream is that you will discover the wonders of this work utilizing the Enneagram system and that you will find this of great value in your life.

Our Umbrella Organization
The Non-Profit Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT)

My website’s further purpose is to complement the efforts and contributions of Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition (ENT), our parent organization as presented at the URL:  ENT provides wonderful material, much of which I have contributed over the years. Since our inception in 1988, we have espoused the value of the Narrative Tradition where individuals (just like yourself) speak for themselves often in type panels where each person shares their knowledge and experience of themselves, with others.  To do this we use a deep process of inquiry, exploration, and  sharing of knowledge.



~ David Daniels M.D., 2013