Growth Practices

Essential Practices for Growth and a Universal Basic Practice for All Types


The Basic Practices for each type form the basis for growth and development. They contain the key elements of the type’s structure and path of development. Here are the steps:

  • First, center yourself by breathing down and in, allow your heart to open in order to get grounded, receptive, and non-judgmental.
  • Then, softly and slowly read the Basic Practice for your type or one you’d like to use for your personal and relationship development.
  • Next, just take a minute to reflect on this practice with your eyes closed.
  • Lastly, come back and do your best to carry out your Basic Practice and the other key practices for reflection and your development.

In addition to the Universal Basic Practice, pick one of the short practices that feels important to you, and practice it for a few days before going on to another practice. These practices are grouped under the titles “Additional Key Themes for Reflection” and “Short Reflections for Reclaiming the Essential Quality.”

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